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Your Standard Terracotta Aluminium Chimney Rain Cowl

The Standard Terracotta Chimney Cowl is now our Top Selling Chimney Rain Cowl and if you simply wish to protect and prevent rain, birds squirrels etc entering your Chimney then I would recommend this Chimney Cowl without hesitation, they also look neat ontop of Chimney Pots as well...a great cost effective solution.

This Chimney Rain Cowl is easy to fit and will securely fasten to your Chimney Pot. We have chosen to stock and supply our customers with the "Letter Box" style mesh which makes this Chimney Rain Cowl fit for all purpose, Gas, Oil and Solid fuel use.

The letterbox mesh complies with BS5871. It is made from Galvanised Steel and powder coated in Terracotta or Buff colour. It is suitable for gas, normal coal and fully seasoned wood but not smokeless fuel.

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Standard Terracotta Chimney Rain Cowl - Aluminium Strap Fixing
Standard Terracotta Chimney Rain Cowl - TerracottaStandard Terracotta Chimney Rain Cowl - Buff Stone

Product: Standard Terracotta Chimney Rain Cowl - Aluminium Strap Fixing

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The Standard Terracotta Chimney Rain Cowl fits flues and pot sizes from 125mm (5") to 250mm (10") internal diameter with the umbrella lid going to 300mm (12") external diameter.

The Standard Chimney Cowl is available in a Terracotta and Buff Stone finish

• The Chimney Cowl is simple to fit and reduces rain entry. Each cowl is fitted with a "Letterbox" mesh grill which also prohibits any animal entering the chimney whilst maintaining flue efficiency.
• The Standard Chimney Cowl provides good ventilation and gives added protection against wind and rain entry and subsequent structural damage caused by freeze/thaw cycle.

• Ready to fit, no tools required and fits dead or live chimneys.
• High Dome allows for effective sweeping.
• Suitable for all types of flue • Suitable for Gas Fuels • Suitable for Solid Fuels • Suitable for Oil Fuels.
• Fits flues and pot sizes from 125mm (5" to 250mm (10") internal diameter.
• Includes a stainless steel strap.

Place the Rain Cowl onto the pot ensuring that the three inner legs are inside the pot and the three outer leg sit outside the pot.

Place the jubilee around the three outer legs that are hanging down the outside of the pot, ensuring that the jubilee sits at least 2.5 inches from the base of each leg.

Tighten the jubilee by threading the open end through the toggle end, then push the screw on the jubilee to a horizontal position and tighten with a flat head screw driver.

Tightening the jubillee should clasp the legs of the Rain Cowl tight to the Chimney Pot.

Bend the 2.5inch of metal leg that sit below the jubilee into a V position around the jubilee as seen in the picture.

Finally, please check that the Cowl is secure - thats it.

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Clayton Tunnel Cottage Testimonial

Clayton Tunnel Cottage Testimonial
We are always pleased to hear from customers and the locations of our Chimney Cowl Products. I have recently had the privilege of chatting with the owner of Clayton Tunnel Cottage (pictured right) who purchased a Standard Terracotta Rain Cowl - Strap Fixing. I also found the following article by Robert Stuart Nemeth which explains more about the Cottage - if you would like to forward your pictures please don't hesitate to send them direct to - as ever your feedback is always greatly received - Kind regards Paul

Standard Rain Cowl in Situ

Standard Rain Cowl in Situ
Standard Terracotta Rain Cowl fitted at Clayton Tunnel Cottage - The Rain Cowl looks great and is now seen by hundreds of people daily.