Junior Terracotta Cowl - Bolt Fixing

Junior Terracotta Chimney Cowl - Bolt Fixing

Junior Terracotta Cowl - Bolt Fixing


The Junior Anti-Downdraught Cowl is an ideal solution for curing smokey fireplaces by preventing downdraughts by creating a positive airflow whatever the wind direction.

In addition the cowl also prevents birds, rain and vermin entry.

Suitable for all types of fuel.

Tested to BS 715 1993 and BSEN 1856 Part 2.
Suitable for all gas appliances -
Coal and log effect Gas Fires, Radiant Gas Fires, and Vertical Flued Gas Boilers.
Performance tested for use on OIL Appliances.
Bird guard must be fitted when burning gas or oil.
Smokeless flues use terracotta cowl.
Solid flue remove integral bird guard, simply reduces the chance of build up of Soot on the Bird Guard

The Junior Anti-Downdraught Cowl Fits flues and posts sizes from 125mm (5") to 250mm (10").