Chimneys act as a funnel and pump to take warm air away. This is a good thing when your warm air is full of smoke! Chimneys work hard even when there is no fire...

Have you ever wondered why cold air rushes in through the g-a-p-s in the floors, doors and windows? (maybe even down the chimney!) It can't get in unless it is going out at the same speed...

You could block your fireplace with a board or bricks but - Then it looks ugly - and you can't use your fire when you feel like it. You'll find your chimney will get damp because the bricks aren't breathing... You could stuff newspapers up the chimney throat, But they won't be efficient, will probably move - and are a potential fire risk.

You could stick a seal on the top of the chimney, but it will cost you lots and you can forget lighting pleasant fires. Even worse, you will still be heating a large volume of air in the chimney.

Chimney Balloons will..
Stay in place for years - and stay inflated.
It will provide 'double glazing' for your fireplace.
You can deflate it (and re-inflate it) any time you want a fire.
Even if you forget it - and light a fire, it will just melt, harmlessly.
Best of all, it's cheap and readily available at the click of a button.

From a simple need, this completely new product, providing several benefits, has evolved. It appears to be in increasing demand as customers tell their friends how effective it is.