Colt Top Chimney Cowl - All Purpose - Bolt Fixing

Colt Top All Purpose Chimney Cowl

Colt Top Chimney Cowl - All Purpose - Bolt Fixing

Due to their rounded shape Colt Tops are found to be more efficient at creating lift whichever direction the wind is blowing, eliminating downdraught. It has been tested under varying wind strengths to channel water away from the flue to protect your chimney from rain entry and resulting in messy soot falls. No more stained carpets or walls.

The wind tunnel tested design of The Colt Top uses established, aerodynamic air extraction principles to draw smoke and fumes up the chimney. The shape has been chosen to operate in any prevailing wind direction.

The Colt Top All Purpose (Terracotta) has a painted finish which is highly resistant to corrosive fuels such as Coalite, Furnacite and anthracite. It is suitable for all fuels.

• Suitable for Gas Fuels.
• Suitable for Solid Fuels with mesh removed.
• Suitable for Oil Fuels

Suitable for 125mm-250mm (5"-10") internal diameter pots, it is 135mm high and 435mm wide.
An adapter plate ( available seperately ) must also be fitted if the internal flue diameter is in the range 125mm - 175mm (5" - 7")
The Colt Top All Purpose has been tested and approved for use on all fuel burning appliances under the test BSEN-1856-1:2003.