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What is a Spinning Chimney Cowl?

Spinning Anti Down Draught Chimney Cowls are wind driven terminals designed to create an updraught in flues; eliminating problems caused by down draughts. They also prevent bird or vermin entry and provide additional ventilation to the room of the appliance/open fire.

Revolving Chimney Cowl Rotorvent Turbolite Stainless Steel Multifuel
Revolving Chimney Cowl Rotorvent Turbolite Stainless Steel Multifuel

Product: Revolving Chimney Cowl Rotorvent Turbolite Stainless Steel Multifuel

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The Rotorvent Turbolite is a great addition to the Chimney Cowl Product Range. The new revolving cowl is more aerodynamic, more efficient and now comes with an additional strap fixing kit included.

The same high specifications that have made the original Rotorvent such a popular product are included in this product as standard. Fins are made from stainless steel, and the same fin fixing method which has been tried and tested for many years is still utilised.

The Rotorvent Turbolite is designed to fot Chimney Pots with a Diameter of 180 - 250mm

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The main benefits of the Rotorvent Turbolite can be seen on the base of the product. The base is made from pressure die cast aluminium affording a strong and durable finish. The base is 30% lighter than the original Rotorvent whilst maintaining its strength. The rounder, thinner and more aerodynamically designed legs achieve a greater flow of gases through a larger area making the performance altogether superior. Tests indicate that the Turbolite provides even better performance than the original Rotorvent. The fact that the model is lighter also makes it suitable for installation on top of flue systems and mathane vent pipes as well as the traditional chimney pot.

Above all these benefits the Turbolite comes complete with 2 fixing methods. The time honoured hook bolt is still the preferred method of fixing Rotorvents but included with the Turbolite is a strap fixing kit. Hook bolts can be tightened in the same way but there is now the option of the strap fixing kit as well for extra security in areas of the country with very high wind speeds. The legs simply attach underneath the wingnut, drop down the outside of the chimney pot or flue where the jubilee clip is then fastened.

• Lightweight
• Better preformance
• Improved aerodynamics
• Conforms to BSEN-1856-1:2003
• Comes complete with strap fixing kit option as well as hook bolts
• Money back guarantee
• Tested from minus 20 to 200 degrees

Suitable for smokeless fuels

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