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Bird Ban email Case Studies
Birdban is a non harmful deterrent for birds up to pigeon size. Birdban spikes are suitable for protecting all pigeon perching/roosting sites such as window sills, ledges, pipes gutters, TV aerials, signs, chimney stacks, and roofs. (will also deter cats in some situations).

Birdban is manufactured from super strong UV stabilised polycarbonate - the outer spikes have a snap off design enabling them to be installed flush to walls or window frames or for narrow installations/infills. The 30mm interval grooves on the bases allow for easy length adjustment.

To install Birdban simply squeeze a 6-12mm bead of exterior quality silicone sealant/adhesive onto the clean, dry ledge where you are placing the row of Birdban spikes, then press the spikes firmly into place.Each row of Birdban spikes offers protection of up to 210mm 8.5 inches. pigeon deterrent for tv aerials
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